Print spelling for a given number

Posted by N.K. Chauhan on Mar 31, 2024

A number "n" is given, the task is to print spelling for n using recursion.

Example 1: Print spelling for 1000

Input: 1000
Output: One Zero Zero Zero

Example 2: Print spelling for 1

Input: 1
Output: One

Example 3: Print spelling for 895

Input: 895
Output: Eight Nine Five


Method 1: Recursion

If we take modulo(%) of a number by 10 we get the last digit of that number i.e. 123 % 10 = 3; similarly if we divide a number by 10 and store the value in int we get the number except last digit i.e. int r = 123 / 10 = 12.

We can solve this problem easily using recursion, first we need to maintain an array to get spelling corresponding to a particular number. Now for every n we will take the last digit and get the corresponding spelling from the array and concat this at the end of f(n-1) recursive call result.

If n==0, that means the number is completely processed; return blank string ("") - base condition.

package com.cb.recursion;

 * Recursion
public class R6_PrintNumberSpelling {

     static String[] mappingArray = {"Zero", "One", "Two", "Three", "Four", 
            "Five", "Six", "Seven", "Eight", "Nine"};

    public static String printSpelling(int n) {
        if (n < 1)
            return "";

        int current = n % 10;
        int remaining = n / 10;

        return printSpelling(remaining) + " " + mappingArray[current];

    public static void main(String[] args) {
One Zero Zero Zero
One Two Six
Eight Nine Five

The time complexity of this solution is O(n) and space complexity is O(1).


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